Mule Deer

Trefren Outfitters Little Greys camp sits right in the middle of the best Mule Deer hunting in North America. Sitting on the boundaries of two of the best units in Wyoming for trophy mule deer, regions H and G, you can be sure that the opportunity to take the trophy of a lifetime is better here than anywhere else in the world. Trefren Outfitters routinely takes deer ranging from the 170” to over 200” every year. The season runs from mid September to mid October, offering a wide range in hunting conditions from hunting deer in bachelor groups just coming out of velvet to the pre-rut.

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Trefren Outfitters offers a wide range of elk hunts, from the high country in western Wyoming in units 84 and 89, these units are the location of our Little Greys camp. Using horses to facilitate the hunt in a spot and stalk manner, we can offer clients a wide range of opportunities, from some of the most undisturbed archery hunting to a post rut rifle hunt, and even a hunt that usually takes place during the flash rut in mid October. Our archery season
runs from September 1st the September 25th, and our rifle season runs from September 26th to October 31st.

Trefren Outfitters also offers a late season migration hunt for the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park elk herds in units 79 and 75. This season runs from November 1st to the first week in December, if you are looking for a true trophy and cold is not a factor for you then this is a hunt worth hunting. We commonly take bull elk over 350” on this hunt, if this is the hunt for you then be prepared to spend some cold days looking at thousands of elk!

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Trefren Outfitters offers something that not many other outfitters can offer on this hunt, the opportunity to hunt with the 2 time world champion moose caller. Hunting in units 23 and 10 we hunt two of the very best units in the state. The hunt dates on this hunt are mid September to the end of October, the best date are always during the rut. With the bulls traveling looking for cows and moose not being as cagey as elk calling them is the most efficient way to hunt them, with shots commonly taken from under 30 yards if you are an archer this is your hunt.

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Trefren Outfitters offers spring and fall bear hunts over baits. Even though our bears average well over 6’, the true trophy here is the color phases that we harvest; with very few bears actually being black most of our bears are blond cinnamon and chocolate. Season dates for bear hunting is May 1st – June 15th in the spring and September 15th until the quota is fill in the fall.

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Trefren Outfitters offers guided and unguided bison hunt on the National Elk refugee in Jackson Hole. The key to this hunt is knowing when to be there; with Trefen’s help you can be sure of success. Along with our bison hunt we also offer a full service game retrieval program on the feed ground and Grand Teton national park for elk and bison.



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